Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Poetry Awakened In New Album Cari Lekebusch

Beautyful Morning feat.NushiOne - taken from Glimpses Chapter 1 (2015)

I am proud to announce that multitalented artist, Swedish sound architect, Techno DJ and producer, and a man very dear to me, Cari Lekebusch, recently released a new project to which I amongst other artists contributed. 
Cari -always exploring new territories with an insatiable appetite for creating beyond the ordinary- has made numerous non techno projects throughout his career to attract different crowds. After last year's electronica album Shifting Ruminations (2014) and the 'perfect for driving' album Floatation Device (2014), this most recent release is yet again something extraordinary. 
The album, Glimpses Chapter 1-VA (2015), is a collection of poems written and read by several artists from all over the globe such as Bob Johnson, G-Tech, Mantis Oh and C-Blast (Cari himself), and accompanied by the additional voices of Korpgud, Persia Bravin and me, NushiOne. The result is a twenty minute collection of audio poems about various universal life topics like love, loss, beauty, decay and birth. By adding spherical background sounds, Cari created a stage on which each poem is brought to life. Through this interplay between word and sound a multi dimensional experience is invoked in each poem, allowing the listener to fully immerse oneself. Whether you are into poetry or not, this fresh new take on poetry is definitely one you should experience.

In Beautyful Morning (track #10) featuring my voice, love's essence is captured in its simplest and purest form. Coming straight from the heart, its emotion is timeless and universal. To me there is no better way to start my day than waking up next to my beloved. Needless to say this track is a personal favorite. And I am happy I could partake in this unique project. If you are having spring butterflies make sure you don't miss this one!;-)

I hope your curiosity is tickled by now, just scroll down to hear the full album. Glimpses Chapter 1 is, as with his previous projects, free for download on Cari's soundcloud. But you can also leave a donation by visiting his bandcamp shop. The accompanying artwork by Cari is also available there. Just check the info below!

Great appreciation to all who contributed to this special album!
And a warm thank you to mr Lekebusch himself. 
Hope you enjoy it!  

Big sunny hugs from Amsterdam, 


Featured artist info: 
Bob Johnson aka Toth Jantzen - https://area54sl.blogspot.se 
Cari Lekebusch aka Mantis Oh, C-Blast & Korpgud
George Rontiris aka G-Tech - https://www.facebook.com/george.rontiris
Persia Bravin - https://www.popartlab.com/
NushiOne - https://nushione.blogspot.com/ 
           or https://www.facebook.com/nushione

All about VA-Glimpses Chapter 1 (LEMU2015G113):

Further info:
Listen to my track here
Shifting Ruminations (LEMU-2014-CLSR)
Floatation Device (LEMU2014FD, 2014)

Featured Artwork By Cari Lekebusch

Monday, January 26, 2015

How To Make Your New Years Resolutions Work For You!

So we have entered 2015, you made your new years resolutions and now what?  We bravely make up this whole list at the end of the year but now roughly over four weeks later things already seem to crumble... Your resolution of not drinking alcohol for a month already went down the drain on the 3rd of January while attending some New Years receptions and oh, yes, your best friend had his birthday last weekend.. The bubbles and the birthday cake were just calling you... Sounds familiar? 
New Years resolutions, they seem like a great idea at first but always harder to implement consistently during the months after. Whether we feel overwhelmed, or find it actually harder to fit these new wishes into our day to day life. It starts with some exceptions - but pretty soon we feel guilty that we didn't carry out our intentions. Maybe you are still standing strong on your resolutions at this moment, but most of us hit this point, mostly sooner than later, where we want to burn our list and pretend it never existed. 

So should we stop making resolutions all together? No, I don't think so. We might just try a different approach to making a resolution list and carrying it out.
Here are some of my thoughts on how you might go about it and how 2015 could be the year where you actually will carry out your resolutions. Have a look and let me know what you think...
1.Take time to synch yourself with your inner gut feeling
Are you truly honest and in line with yourself about your resolutions? Or are your resolutions based on what you think you 'have to' but not really feel you want to? Sometimes we feel we 'have to change' our life in ways that are more inspired by cultural or societal input than based on what we actually need for ourselves this moment in time. Take some time to sit with yourself. Think about what truly resonates with what you want to do from this point in your life on. Ask yourself questions about your resolutions. "Why do I want to live healthier? Do I just want to loose weight or do I want to adapt a healthier eating pattern so I won't be feeling deflated and tired a lot of times? Is it more important to me to feel happy and strong in my body, or do I think that a size 36 will make me feel happy?" If you feel a bit lost on what actually matters most to you in life, have a look at these questions below which might provide you more insight into your past experiences and shed some light on your future desires. Resolutions that resonate deeply with you are the ones that will be easier to work on and more fun and satisfactory in the long run. 

2. Keep your list short

After you took some time to come up with your list it's time to kill some darlings. Pick only a few things you feel the strongest and most motivated about to change at this moment. Put the rest on a backup list. You can always add them later. Starting with an overwhelming list of changes you want to implement will make you feel unmotivated in no time. By staying close to what actually motivates and gives you fun you'll be more likely to stick with your resolutions.

3. Take time to envision your goals and be specific 
Don't generalize your resolution. 'I want to be healthier' is way too general. Formulate how you could make healthier choices in your current life style and how to adopt them. Be very positive about the ways you want to change your life. Visualize how you feel after, for instance, you worked out, or quit smoking, or spent time with your friends instead of your work. And keep reminding yourself of those good positive feelings daily!
4. Break goals down into little steps and take one daily 
No goals were ever reached overnight. So take tiny steps in reaching for them. Figure out which small actions you can take each day towards getting closer to your goals. Take one step at a time.  Soon those little changes will be laying a solid foundation for an alternated lifestyle. Odds are that the road towards your goal will be far more exciting and endearing than the goal itself.
5. Focus on the proces and plan ahead 
Think out a strategy. What will you do when you are encountering hick ups in your plan along the way? How will you cope with unforeseen situations? Take some time to ponder on how you will cope with what life throws your way. You want to eat healthier but are always on the road with nothing but fastfood to munch on? Then make it a habit of bringing some healthy snacks with you. 
6. Check in with yourself regularly
Pick a date every month to spend an evening with yourself and check in on the status of your resolutions. Are you on track? Do you need to adjust your course of action in order to make working towards your goals easier? Be honest to yourself and compliment your efforts thus far. 
7. Don't beat up on yourself
You should have the feeling you are actually doing something nice for yourself instead of punishing your self. So be kind and gentle to yourself. Maybe you have slipped a little, maybe you still don't work out as much as you like. But getting upset or angry with what you didn't do, will definitely not inspire you to get towards your desired goals.  So you had a little set back, don't throw your towel in the ring, thinking you won't succeed. Just start again and take pride in the moments that you did work on your resolutions and carry on!
8. Be playful about it 
You made your resolutions because somehow you felt that you would feel better by accomplishing them. Keep reminding yourself of that and see it as a game. It's fun to exceed your own boundaries. Surprise yourself! 

Make this your best year thus far! I root for you! ;)

Big Love,
Nuri ***

Ps. Care to share? Let me know what you think or what works for you in the comment box below! 

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

My Daily Ten Minute Mind Workout + Give Away 4 You!

As I wrote recently, this fall would be perfect to up some new skills and habits. Over the years I have been meditating on and off, at yoga or bodybalance classes, at workshops or at home, guided or unguided. Motivated by the sense of calm, clarity and serenity that (not always though;) came over me, but also thrown off track again by a lack of routine. It's amazing how easily one can feel lacking in time to do such a thing consistently. I got bored, restless or pretty annoyed by hearing the same guided story over and over again...

But as you are never too old to learn, I wanted to make meditation my new daily habit this fall. Lucky me, a dear dear friend of mine tipped me on a meditation course made by friends of hers, called Headspace.  
Headspace Founder Andy Puddicombe used to live as a buddhist monk for years, back in the western world now, he shares his years of knowledge with all who are interested in training the mind to become more calm and aware. Headspace is an online day by day meditation (mind) training to help you gain and maintain that sense of clarity and ease. 

The Free Headspace App

The great thing about the Headspace app (for Iphone or Android) which immediately won me over was that one can do a free ten day meditation try-out. During those ten days Andy takes you (from being either an absolute beginner or not) on a  ten minute meditation journey. Ten days - ten minutes a day, even I could fit that in in  my 'busy' daily schedule. It's a great way to try out whether meditation is your thing or not. Day by day - some days with some additional great animations - you get to uncover the basics of meditating and learn in easy steps how to quiet the mind, subtly guided by Andy's voice. By day ten I noticed ten minutes went by so quickly, I even wanted to sit more and longer every day, just to take a little holiday from my thoughts! 

Of course no one can create a new habit in ten days but sitting still every day consistently  and getting through those first ten days felt like a great achievement. In just as little as those ten days I started to notice little positive changes in my daily life. For one Andy's words popped back in mind on occasion - and made me more aware of my thinking at any particular moment. Even though my inner critic wouldn't always shut up, becoming more aware of my mind's workings did take the edge off a particular thought or situation. And there were also days I would simply feel calm, clear and happy after my meditation, and things wouldn't bother me that easily during the day. Overall my focus improved too, which is a good thing with an overactive brain:)

Win a month free Headspace Subscription

After my ten day trial was over I felt even more curious about enhancing the positive effects this practice provided me with. So I got myself a subscription, and I've been doing this for over 80 days now. Has it been easy? On some days yes and on other days not so much. But just by building in this daily routine definitely made me happier, more focused and aware. 

I would certainly recommend this app if you are curious about meditating but just don't know where to start..
In the additional subscription pack you get to do two more foundation courses, after which there are several themed packs to choose from for whichever area of your life you want to improve. There are also little extra 2 minute trainings or unguided meditations you can do throughout the day (if you want to go all overboard). There are at least as many sessions as to keep you busy for a year. The guidance will lessen gradually and you can also choose how long you want to sit - 15, 20, 30 or 45 mins. 
Now for the give away. Because I've done over sixty days I get to give away one month of free subscription!! So if one of you is truly interested in embarking this training for the mind, you can win a free month subscription. 
What do you need to do? Just do the free ten day course and mail me and let me know what you thought of it. And if you are as inspired as I am after those ten days, this month free subscription could be yours!! :)

Shhhhh... & Big Love, 

Nuri :)

More info @:

And check out Andy here:

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Post Summer Clean Out: 5 Ways on How to Start Fresh in October

While the weather has changed drastically these past days — cold showers, wind and temperature drops, the ending of a beautiful prolonged summer season here in Amsterdam seems to have arrived. Has fall finally set in? For me it feels hard to welcome the winter... But as unavoidable as it is, we better cherish these cold wet days — and make the best of it while we can. Create some new space in your life either physically or mentally. To give you some examples..

1. Get rid of your unworn summer clothes
After a few months of summer it is easier to decide which clothes you actually did wear and still would like to wear next year around. So before putting all back into that box labeled summer clothes, not to be looked at again for 9 months, go through them and be honest to yourself and hey, maybe a little to fashion too..

2. Go through your kitchen cupboards
Seriously, how often do you clean out your kitchen cupboards? I for one, not often enough. Before you stock up on winter-goodie foodies, create some new space, by getting rid of utensils you never use, foods you apparently never eat, and herbs that expired their date about a year ago.

3. Pick a new thing to learn
Whether it’s a course, a habit, a language, a workout, a routine… pick one thing that interests, inspires or relaxes you and start adding that to your post summer indoor life. 
Feeling uninspired, maybe one of these vids can help you out..;)

4. Plan next holidays or getaways
Although I am a big fan of spontaneous last minute decisions in traveling, these might not always be the cheapest way to go. Pick a new date for in a couple of months (or weeks if you are that lucky) and have something to look forward to..

5. Make a top five (or ten) of your most cherished summer moments 
If you have pictures, make a collage of them or print them out. Go creative, glue, knit, photoshop them together, write about them or what not. Make a playlist with your best summery tracks and listen to them whenever you need.

So for now have fun, stay warm and healthy.. 

Have a great one,

Love Nuri

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Get Clean The Natural & Organic Way : 100% Pure Product Review

For the last few months, showering has been a real fruity and delightful experience. After a big bathroom detox of my body products a few years ago, the quest for non-chemical body-, hair- and beauty products have led me to some strange, some disastrous, and some great new body care experiences.

To start with the disasters: I recall a month of washing my hair with baking soda and vinegar. Yes, it sounds awful, and it pretty much was. Despite other people’s claims that this is the bomb, good for your scalp's natural ph balance—hence good for your hair—my hair & scalp just got drier, week after week with no signs of the acclaimed lush shiny hair. Oh and let’s not forget that the horrible smell of vinegar, reminiscent of urinals, didn’t really make me feel clean and fresh either. Last but not least, the embarrassing moments on which I found tiny lumps of baking soda stuck to my scalp while adjusting my hair… You get the point, this was not my cup of tea.

I have to tell you, once you start checking products for their ingredients… be prepared, as you are embarking on a road one has to devote some time and energy to. Because, just as I discovered, a quick run to the organic store isn't going to do the trick. There are a lot of products out there that for instance might be called organic but still have chemicals—as in perfume or fillings—in it. Trust me lots of chemical ingredients have names that can't be understood let alone pronounced properly. I am happy that some other brave people have dug into these mysteries. I'll gladly share their findings with you soon. You can also expect a nice checklist of chemicals you should definitely avoid so keep your eyes on my page.

For body washes it was even harder to find a good alternative. Most of my organic body washes did contain some sort of chemical fillings, very disappointing of course, and thus far I haven’t bumped into any D.I.Y. alternative. So I got pure olive soap, but it just doesn't smell that delightful and fresh. Although my skin got used to it after a while, my nose didn't — and so my quest continued.

A few months back I came across a very delightful interview with Susie Wang, a Japanese / American (I would say super-) woman who has built her company to create a vegan, plant based, cruelty free, non toxic range of hair, body and beauty care products called 100%Pure.

Obviously I got very excited to try out her products. Unsurprisingly, they—as do a lot of other chemical-free products—come with an above average price tag. But considering your skin is your biggest organ that absorbs everything right into your bloodstream, your body and health are so worth it! 

100% Pure Vanilla Bodyshower & Apple Bodyshower
The first products I tried were the vanilla body shower and vanilla bean body cream. The vanilla body shower is absolutely awesome, smells like vanilla and leaves a soft vanilla smell on your skin after use. It comes out of the bottle as a little foam fluff, making it super easy to spread onto your skin, and feels silky soft. Same deal for the apple version which I bought for summer; I am totally smitten with any green apple smell, ever since I was a little girl. But this one is for once totally natural. Your skin will have a delicate smell of freshness and apples. Perfect for summer. 

100% Pure Vanilla Bodycream & Key Lime Bodycream
At first I wasn't too crazy about the vanilla bean body cream. By comparison to the rich but delicate after-smell of the wash, the smell of the main ingredient, cacao butter, overruled the scent of vanilla a bit too much. It does mean that this usually-girly smell could be very suitable for men as well. And I discovered that, hours later, you could still smell it on your skin. So yes, I had to adjust my opinion. In the key lime version—which I also got for the summer—the lime scent is very present, despite the same nutty undertone of cacao. It wraps your body with a super fresh fruity smell instantly, lifts your spirit and energizes.

The consistency of both creams is exactly the same. They feel a bit watery as soon as you rub them onto your skin, and get super easily absorbed. Perfect for summer when you don’t want to cover your skin in thick creams that seem to pour out of your skin the minute you sweat. 

Overall these body creams make your skin feel soft and nourished. In comparison to the usual perfume-laden body lotions this smell is subtle, but lasts a long time. I absolutely loved it. If vanilla or key lime is not your scent of preference, no stress—they have many more. I for one can’t wait to give them all a try soon. And yes, of course, I 'll share my findings it with you ;) So watch this page! 

For now I wish you a silky soft fruity summer! 

Big Love, 
**Nuri **

Ps. Check out the links for more 100%Pure and if you want to hear more about the story behind the products, listen to the interview with Susie!

For Dutch & Belgian Citizens order here:

For My Swedish Friends:

Or more info on:

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Smile When It's Raining

It is that time of the year, when you can get totally drenched in soft, warm but none the less soaking rain showers. Lately i have managed to stay dry, but today i accidentally got caught in one of them. It was a wet one for sure, and after about five minutes my toes were already having a private pool party in my boots.

Getting drenched is usually not the most pleasant experience, especially when you just spent a fair amount of time fixing your hair, make-up and getting nicely dressed for an important meeting.

But I think there are some exceptions to this and when getting drenched can actually be quite sexy. Here are a few examples from the top of my head;

- while dancing on a hot day at a festival
- while making out with a lover 
- while wearing nothing but a silk dress (allthough this is foremost a female thing I guess)

Needless to say this only applies as long as the rain is soft and the temperature is pleasant. If you encounter a rainshower whilst not being in one of above mentioned situations, which I guess is 90% of the time, you have two options on how to deal with it.

Either you get  really irritated and annoyed (which of course doesn't make it rain less all of a sudden, or makes you any dryer) or you just smile, despite the feeling that you just jumped into a pool fully dressed.  Smile to other drenched strangers you meet on the road - I tell you, it helps - a lot! Wearing a smile on a soaked outfit just radiates some sunshine confidence upon others, and it spreads around making you both happy. Because "hey we're both out there getting soaked - it's fun!"

So next time spring or summer rain comes down like a soft spray from the sky, just go with it. Think of sexy rainy situations and smile to everyone you meet! And if your smile doesn't come that easily, then here is some musical aid to help you with that. So make sure you think about that while you are listening to these awesome dj sets on your media player and start smiling - happy wet times!

Big Love, 

Monday, May 19, 2014

A Night at Berns - Stockholm, Sweden

One of the things you definitely have to do -when in Stockholm- if you like great food, beautiful interior, good music and dancing, is pay a visit to Berns.
This hotel/club/bar/restaurant is huge, beautifully styled and nourishes all your senses. You can spend a proper night out there and sleep in royally afterwards without ever leaving the premises. 

I have been visiting Berns on several different occasions throughout the year now and the vibe has always been awesome. Most recently I was there to meet up with my friend from home - Amsterdam's sweetheart DJ Carlos Valdes - as he was playing an all night long B2B with Swedish artist Axel Boman.

It was a very busy saturday evening, and while we enjoyed a scrumptious, abundant meal together with friends, other DJ's and the evening's host, the restaurant and bar filled up with lots of people. The Asian cuisine they serve at Berns is a delight to the taste buds; the service always great, professional, attentive and kind.  

The dining area is luxurious and amazing, with gorgeous lights dangling from the ceiling. Despite the enormity of the restaurant and bar the space still feels intimate and cosy. Berns is also well equipped for smokers as they have a big smoking balcony on the top floor, with a bar and DJ booth. Whether you smoke or not, take a peek upstairs and enjoy the great view across the restaurant and its wondrous chande

For dancing there is an equally huge and traditionally decorated room on the main floor. If you are into pop music you'll find your place here. For the more alternative clubminded people check out downstairs while you are at it and visit Berns Gallery 2.35:1, where Carlos and Axel were playing that evening.

Situated in the basement with low ceilings, and modern weird art decorations, Berns Gallery 2.35:1 is the opposite of all the grandeur from upstairs. Here a different kind of cool rules. The walls are decorated by local artists and spare corners are filled with contemporary art exhibitions. A nice way to keep things fresh and attract different crowds. 

While Carlos and Axel were getting things pumping, the atmosphere quickly turned into a warm bath of cozy sounds, with happy faces getting into the groove. A lot of international renowned great artists have played here, so check their website and make sure you don't miss a chance to see your favorite dj perform a sweaty set in this cosy club. Gallery 2.35:1 is also home for some other great talented young Swedish artists who, like Axel Boman, have a residency there.  Nima Khak is one of my personal favorites amongst them, so try to catch them too in this intimate setting!

Final word of advice, by three o'clock you have to be alerted that a lot of (insanely) drunk Swedes will make their way down from upstairs, so hold on to your drink, guard your spot on the dancefloor & just keep on dancing.

Big Love,


For more info on Berns check: