Monday, May 19, 2014

A Night at Berns - Stockholm, Sweden

One of the things you definitely have to do -when in Stockholm- if you like great food, beautiful interior, good music and dancing, is pay a visit to Berns.
This hotel/club/bar/restaurant is huge, beautifully styled and nourishes all your senses. You can spend a proper night out there and sleep in royally afterwards without ever leaving the premises. 

I have been visiting Berns on several different occasions throughout the year now and the vibe has always been awesome. Most recently I was there to meet up with my friend from home - Amsterdam's sweetheart DJ Carlos Valdes - as he was playing an all night long B2B with Swedish artist Axel Boman.

It was a very busy saturday evening, and while we enjoyed a scrumptious, abundant meal together with friends, other DJ's and the evening's host, the restaurant and bar filled up with lots of people. The Asian cuisine they serve at Berns is a delight to the taste buds; the service always great, professional, attentive and kind.  

The dining area is luxurious and amazing, with gorgeous lights dangling from the ceiling. Despite the enormity of the restaurant and bar the space still feels intimate and cosy. Berns is also well equipped for smokers as they have a big smoking balcony on the top floor, with a bar and DJ booth. Whether you smoke or not, take a peek upstairs and enjoy the great view across the restaurant and its wondrous chande

For dancing there is an equally huge and traditionally decorated room on the main floor. If you are into pop music you'll find your place here. For the more alternative clubminded people check out downstairs while you are at it and visit Berns Gallery 2.35:1, where Carlos and Axel were playing that evening.

Situated in the basement with low ceilings, and modern weird art decorations, Berns Gallery 2.35:1 is the opposite of all the grandeur from upstairs. Here a different kind of cool rules. The walls are decorated by local artists and spare corners are filled with contemporary art exhibitions. A nice way to keep things fresh and attract different crowds. 

While Carlos and Axel were getting things pumping, the atmosphere quickly turned into a warm bath of cozy sounds, with happy faces getting into the groove. A lot of international renowned great artists have played here, so check their website and make sure you don't miss a chance to see your favorite dj perform a sweaty set in this cosy club. Gallery 2.35:1 is also home for some other great talented young Swedish artists who, like Axel Boman, have a residency there.  Nima Khak is one of my personal favorites amongst them, so try to catch them too in this intimate setting!

Final word of advice, by three o'clock you have to be alerted that a lot of (insanely) drunk Swedes will make their way down from upstairs, so hold on to your drink, guard your spot on the dancefloor & just keep on dancing.

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