Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Poetry Awakened In New Album Cari Lekebusch

Beautyful Morning feat.NushiOne - taken from Glimpses Chapter 1 (2015)

I am proud to announce that multitalented artist, Swedish sound architect, Techno DJ and producer, and a man very dear to me, Cari Lekebusch, recently released a new project to which I amongst other artists contributed. 
Cari -always exploring new territories with an insatiable appetite for creating beyond the ordinary- has made numerous non techno projects throughout his career to attract different crowds. After last year's electronica album Shifting Ruminations (2014) and the 'perfect for driving' album Floatation Device (2014), this most recent release is yet again something extraordinary. 
The album, Glimpses Chapter 1-VA (2015), is a collection of poems written and read by several artists from all over the globe such as Bob Johnson, G-Tech, Mantis Oh and C-Blast (Cari himself), and accompanied by the additional voices of Korpgud, Persia Bravin and me, NushiOne. The result is a twenty minute collection of audio poems about various universal life topics like love, loss, beauty, decay and birth. By adding spherical background sounds, Cari created a stage on which each poem is brought to life. Through this interplay between word and sound a multi dimensional experience is invoked in each poem, allowing the listener to fully immerse oneself. Whether you are into poetry or not, this fresh new take on poetry is definitely one you should experience.

In Beautyful Morning (track #10) featuring my voice, love's essence is captured in its simplest and purest form. Coming straight from the heart, its emotion is timeless and universal. To me there is no better way to start my day than waking up next to my beloved. Needless to say this track is a personal favorite. And I am happy I could partake in this unique project. If you are having spring butterflies make sure you don't miss this one!;-)

I hope your curiosity is tickled by now, just scroll down to hear the full album. Glimpses Chapter 1 is, as with his previous projects, free for download on Cari's soundcloud. But you can also leave a donation by visiting his bandcamp shop. The accompanying artwork by Cari is also available there. Just check the info below!

Great appreciation to all who contributed to this special album!
And a warm thank you to mr Lekebusch himself. 
Hope you enjoy it!  

Big sunny hugs from Amsterdam, 


Featured artist info: 
Bob Johnson aka Toth Jantzen - https://area54sl.blogspot.se 
Cari Lekebusch aka Mantis Oh, C-Blast & Korpgud
George Rontiris aka G-Tech - https://www.facebook.com/george.rontiris
Persia Bravin - https://www.popartlab.com/
NushiOne - https://nushione.blogspot.com/ 
           or https://www.facebook.com/nushione

All about VA-Glimpses Chapter 1 (LEMU2015G113):

Further info:
Listen to my track here
Shifting Ruminations (LEMU-2014-CLSR)
Floatation Device (LEMU2014FD, 2014)

Featured Artwork By Cari Lekebusch