Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Get Clean The Natural & Organic Way : 100% Pure Product Review

For the last few months, showering has been a real fruity and delightful experience. After a big bathroom detox of my body products a few years ago, the quest for non-chemical body-, hair- and beauty products have led me to some strange, some disastrous, and some great new body care experiences.

To start with the disasters: I recall a month of washing my hair with baking soda and vinegar. Yes, it sounds awful, and it pretty much was. Despite other people’s claims that this is the bomb, good for your scalp's natural ph balance—hence good for your hair—my hair & scalp just got drier, week after week with no signs of the acclaimed lush shiny hair. Oh and let’s not forget that the horrible smell of vinegar, reminiscent of urinals, didn’t really make me feel clean and fresh either. Last but not least, the embarrassing moments on which I found tiny lumps of baking soda stuck to my scalp while adjusting my hair… You get the point, this was not my cup of tea.

I have to tell you, once you start checking products for their ingredients… be prepared, as you are embarking on a road one has to devote some time and energy to. Because, just as I discovered, a quick run to the organic store isn't going to do the trick. There are a lot of products out there that for instance might be called organic but still have chemicals—as in perfume or fillings—in it. Trust me lots of chemical ingredients have names that can't be understood let alone pronounced properly. I am happy that some other brave people have dug into these mysteries. I'll gladly share their findings with you soon. You can also expect a nice checklist of chemicals you should definitely avoid so keep your eyes on my page.

For body washes it was even harder to find a good alternative. Most of my organic body washes did contain some sort of chemical fillings, very disappointing of course, and thus far I haven’t bumped into any D.I.Y. alternative. So I got pure olive soap, but it just doesn't smell that delightful and fresh. Although my skin got used to it after a while, my nose didn't — and so my quest continued.

A few months back I came across a very delightful interview with Susie Wang, a Japanese / American (I would say super-) woman who has built her company to create a vegan, plant based, cruelty free, non toxic range of hair, body and beauty care products called 100%Pure.

Obviously I got very excited to try out her products. Unsurprisingly, they—as do a lot of other chemical-free products—come with an above average price tag. But considering your skin is your biggest organ that absorbs everything right into your bloodstream, your body and health are so worth it! 

100% Pure Vanilla Bodyshower & Apple Bodyshower
The first products I tried were the vanilla body shower and vanilla bean body cream. The vanilla body shower is absolutely awesome, smells like vanilla and leaves a soft vanilla smell on your skin after use. It comes out of the bottle as a little foam fluff, making it super easy to spread onto your skin, and feels silky soft. Same deal for the apple version which I bought for summer; I am totally smitten with any green apple smell, ever since I was a little girl. But this one is for once totally natural. Your skin will have a delicate smell of freshness and apples. Perfect for summer. 

100% Pure Vanilla Bodycream & Key Lime Bodycream
At first I wasn't too crazy about the vanilla bean body cream. By comparison to the rich but delicate after-smell of the wash, the smell of the main ingredient, cacao butter, overruled the scent of vanilla a bit too much. It does mean that this usually-girly smell could be very suitable for men as well. And I discovered that, hours later, you could still smell it on your skin. So yes, I had to adjust my opinion. In the key lime version—which I also got for the summer—the lime scent is very present, despite the same nutty undertone of cacao. It wraps your body with a super fresh fruity smell instantly, lifts your spirit and energizes.

The consistency of both creams is exactly the same. They feel a bit watery as soon as you rub them onto your skin, and get super easily absorbed. Perfect for summer when you don’t want to cover your skin in thick creams that seem to pour out of your skin the minute you sweat. 

Overall these body creams make your skin feel soft and nourished. In comparison to the usual perfume-laden body lotions this smell is subtle, but lasts a long time. I absolutely loved it. If vanilla or key lime is not your scent of preference, no stress—they have many more. I for one can’t wait to give them all a try soon. And yes, of course, I 'll share my findings it with you ;) So watch this page! 

For now I wish you a silky soft fruity summer! 

Big Love, 
**Nuri **

Ps. Check out the links for more 100%Pure and if you want to hear more about the story behind the products, listen to the interview with Susie!

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