Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Smile When It's Raining

It is that time of the year, when you can get totally drenched in soft, warm but none the less soaking rain showers. Lately i have managed to stay dry, but today i accidentally got caught in one of them. It was a wet one for sure, and after about five minutes my toes were already having a private pool party in my boots.

Getting drenched is usually not the most pleasant experience, especially when you just spent a fair amount of time fixing your hair, make-up and getting nicely dressed for an important meeting.

But I think there are some exceptions to this and when getting drenched can actually be quite sexy. Here are a few examples from the top of my head;

- while dancing on a hot day at a festival
- while making out with a lover 
- while wearing nothing but a silk dress (allthough this is foremost a female thing I guess)

Needless to say this only applies as long as the rain is soft and the temperature is pleasant. If you encounter a rainshower whilst not being in one of above mentioned situations, which I guess is 90% of the time, you have two options on how to deal with it.

Either you get  really irritated and annoyed (which of course doesn't make it rain less all of a sudden, or makes you any dryer) or you just smile, despite the feeling that you just jumped into a pool fully dressed.  Smile to other drenched strangers you meet on the road - I tell you, it helps - a lot! Wearing a smile on a soaked outfit just radiates some sunshine confidence upon others, and it spreads around making you both happy. Because "hey we're both out there getting soaked - it's fun!"

So next time spring or summer rain comes down like a soft spray from the sky, just go with it. Think of sexy rainy situations and smile to everyone you meet! And if your smile doesn't come that easily, then here is some musical aid to help you with that. So make sure you think about that while you are listening to these awesome dj sets on your media player and start smiling - happy wet times!

Big Love, 

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