Wednesday, December 3, 2014

My Daily Ten Minute Mind Workout + Give Away 4 You!

As I wrote recently, this fall would be perfect to up some new skills and habits. Over the years I have been meditating on and off, at yoga or bodybalance classes, at workshops or at home, guided or unguided. Motivated by the sense of calm, clarity and serenity that (not always though;) came over me, but also thrown off track again by a lack of routine. It's amazing how easily one can feel lacking in time to do such a thing consistently. I got bored, restless or pretty annoyed by hearing the same guided story over and over again...

But as you are never too old to learn, I wanted to make meditation my new daily habit this fall. Lucky me, a dear dear friend of mine tipped me on a meditation course made by friends of hers, called Headspace.  
Headspace Founder Andy Puddicombe used to live as a buddhist monk for years, back in the western world now, he shares his years of knowledge with all who are interested in training the mind to become more calm and aware. Headspace is an online day by day meditation (mind) training to help you gain and maintain that sense of clarity and ease. 

The Free Headspace App

The great thing about the Headspace app (for Iphone or Android) which immediately won me over was that one can do a free ten day meditation try-out. During those ten days Andy takes you (from being either an absolute beginner or not) on a  ten minute meditation journey. Ten days - ten minutes a day, even I could fit that in in  my 'busy' daily schedule. It's a great way to try out whether meditation is your thing or not. Day by day - some days with some additional great animations - you get to uncover the basics of meditating and learn in easy steps how to quiet the mind, subtly guided by Andy's voice. By day ten I noticed ten minutes went by so quickly, I even wanted to sit more and longer every day, just to take a little holiday from my thoughts! 

Of course no one can create a new habit in ten days but sitting still every day consistently  and getting through those first ten days felt like a great achievement. In just as little as those ten days I started to notice little positive changes in my daily life. For one Andy's words popped back in mind on occasion - and made me more aware of my thinking at any particular moment. Even though my inner critic wouldn't always shut up, becoming more aware of my mind's workings did take the edge off a particular thought or situation. And there were also days I would simply feel calm, clear and happy after my meditation, and things wouldn't bother me that easily during the day. Overall my focus improved too, which is a good thing with an overactive brain:)

Win a month free Headspace Subscription

After my ten day trial was over I felt even more curious about enhancing the positive effects this practice provided me with. So I got myself a subscription, and I've been doing this for over 80 days now. Has it been easy? On some days yes and on other days not so much. But just by building in this daily routine definitely made me happier, more focused and aware. 

I would certainly recommend this app if you are curious about meditating but just don't know where to start..
In the additional subscription pack you get to do two more foundation courses, after which there are several themed packs to choose from for whichever area of your life you want to improve. There are also little extra 2 minute trainings or unguided meditations you can do throughout the day (if you want to go all overboard). There are at least as many sessions as to keep you busy for a year. The guidance will lessen gradually and you can also choose how long you want to sit - 15, 20, 30 or 45 mins. 
Now for the give away. Because I've done over sixty days I get to give away one month of free subscription!! So if one of you is truly interested in embarking this training for the mind, you can win a free month subscription. 
What do you need to do? Just do the free ten day course and mail me and let me know what you thought of it. And if you are as inspired as I am after those ten days, this month free subscription could be yours!! :)

Shhhhh... & Big Love, 

Nuri :)

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