Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Post Summer Clean Out: 5 Ways on How to Start Fresh in October

While the weather has changed drastically these past days — cold showers, wind and temperature drops, the ending of a beautiful prolonged summer season here in Amsterdam seems to have arrived. Has fall finally set in? For me it feels hard to welcome the winter... But as unavoidable as it is, we better cherish these cold wet days — and make the best of it while we can. Create some new space in your life either physically or mentally. To give you some examples..

1. Get rid of your unworn summer clothes
After a few months of summer it is easier to decide which clothes you actually did wear and still would like to wear next year around. So before putting all back into that box labeled summer clothes, not to be looked at again for 9 months, go through them and be honest to yourself and hey, maybe a little to fashion too..

2. Go through your kitchen cupboards
Seriously, how often do you clean out your kitchen cupboards? I for one, not often enough. Before you stock up on winter-goodie foodies, create some new space, by getting rid of utensils you never use, foods you apparently never eat, and herbs that expired their date about a year ago.

3. Pick a new thing to learn
Whether it’s a course, a habit, a language, a workout, a routine… pick one thing that interests, inspires or relaxes you and start adding that to your post summer indoor life. 
Feeling uninspired, maybe one of these vids can help you out..;)

4. Plan next holidays or getaways
Although I am a big fan of spontaneous last minute decisions in traveling, these might not always be the cheapest way to go. Pick a new date for in a couple of months (or weeks if you are that lucky) and have something to look forward to..

5. Make a top five (or ten) of your most cherished summer moments 
If you have pictures, make a collage of them or print them out. Go creative, glue, knit, photoshop them together, write about them or what not. Make a playlist with your best summery tracks and listen to them whenever you need.

So for now have fun, stay warm and healthy.. 

Have a great one,

Love Nuri

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